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Summer Overlays

Summer Overlays

€15.00 Regular Price
€9.90Sale Price

Summer overlays contain 26 light & dust, 8 rain, 20 bubbles and dandelions and four fog brushes. They can be used to make a nice subtle difference or a spectacular effect - what ever suits your photo best! They are .png/.jpg files. Some of them have a black background and others have a transparent background and they come with easy-to-follow instructions + video!


This pack includes:


20 bubble & dandelion overlays

26 light & dust overlays 

8 rain overlays

4 fog brushes


Each overlay is individual, but they can easily be layered together to achieve the effect you want.

You can adjust them to fit every single one of your photos.


These overlays are designed for desktop Photoshop!


You can always ask for more info before purchasing. Tablet users can also use these with Photoshop app!


After buying a digital product, you will receive a download link via email.




Not sure how to use overlays?


Click here to try them for free!

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