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Is there a photo you really like but just don’t seem to get the most out of it on your own? Do you need help with a simple retouch or do you want a complete makeover for your photo? 


I’m providing editing services. You can ask for anything and I’ll give you an estimated price depending on the photo and the amount of work that’s needed. If you accept my offer, I will edit your photo and then send you an invoice. After a payment is made you’ll receive the photo fully edited. 


Editing RAW-photos is a bit easier and the outcome may be a bit better, but that’s not a must. Any format is doable. 


Examples of most frequently asked tasks:


  • Removing unwanted objects (collar and leash, distracting objects in the background, people)

  • Removing noise

  • Increasing image resolution 


Pricing examples: 


  • Quick object removal or light enchantment of a photo starting from 5€

  • Difficult object removals 15€

  • A complete edit from start to finish starting from 25€​

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Thank you! We'll be in touch.

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