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‘’ is an online store founded by Tuukka Taiminen at the beginning of 2023. 


The idea for a site like this began years ago, as I started creating my very own dog-related products and selling them on different social media platforms slowly building up from postcards and calendars to digital products, such as tutorial videos for Photoshop. As the demand grew, so did the need for a platform like this. 


I loved drawing as I child and I’ve always seen myself doing something creative and artistic for a living. After discovering photography (and especially dog photography), I’ve found this different way of being creative through editing photos. It’s been a fantastic way to combine my love for dogs and my love for aesthetics and art as well. 


My passion for creating beautiful photos has since expanded for a passion to create beautiful everyday objects - all dog related, of course! As we continue to grow we, as a brand, aspire to produce well made items that will stand the test of time and combine functionality with decorative elements.

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