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Privacy Policy

Taiminen takes care of proper storage and handling of personal data.


The company collecting your data is:

Taiminen Art Oy (Business ID: 3338700-2)
Asentajankatu 4B C5
20320 Turku


What data is being collected?

The information provided by the user:

  • The information provided on confirmation of order (we collect the information even if the payment fails):

    • Contact information, such as name, address, email address and phone number

    • Payment information, such has billing details and information related to selected payment method

    • Consent for email marketing

  • Other information:

    • Product reviews

    • Testimonials

    • Consent for email marketing to the provided email address


Information derived from website usage and generated by analytics:

  • Purchase history with product prices

  • Shipping details such as selected shipping method

  • Browsing and usage data

  • Information for product recommendations


The main source of information is the user, but we may get information from our partners as well.



Who is using the information?

Only our staff has access to our system. They are trained to use the systems and know what they are doing.

In some cases we need to transfer information to trusted third parties, e.g. for delivering the order, analytics and marketing. All contracts with these third parties include the demands of General Data Privacy Regulation. Third parties are not allowed to share or use this information for their own purposes.


What rights does the data subject have?

You have a right to:

  • Review your personal data 

  • Correct your personal data

  • Limit the usage of your personal data

  • Object the usage of your personal data

  • Cancel the consent (e.g. unsubsribe from the newsletter)

  • Issue a complaint to authorities


You can make the request for your personal data by contacting our customer service. We need to be able to identify you before we handle any personal information.

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