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Photoshop Tutorial Video

Photoshop Tutorial Video

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This video is narrated in FINNISH.

English video is coming soon!


In this dog photography editing video I show you my workflow from start to finish. I always start my edits in Lightroom where I prep my photos and then shift back to Photoshop for more advanced techniques. When I’m done with Photoshop I’ll come back to Lightroom for finishing touches and exporting.


In Lightroom I show you:


Basic editing tips/tricks and how I prep most of my raw images before PS. In the last part of the video I’ll go trough some finishing touches step by step and then reveal my image export settings for social media use and printing.


In photoshop I show you:


- Fixing the composition

- Shaping and manipulating background (stretch, mirror, liquify)

- Mask basics

- Removing unwanted objects

- Blending distracting elements

- Creating mask

- Enhancing the dog

- Changing background colors

- Targeting colors

- Using gradients

- Blurring background


This video is approx. 60 minutes long.


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