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Photoshop Pack

Photoshop Pack

€25.00 Regular Price
€20.00Sale Price

Do you need tools to up your Photoshop game? By buying this package you will receive 10 brushes, 4 gradients, 8 actions and 4 gradient maps - and it includes easy-to-follow instructions for everything!


Actions in this package are: saturation, desaturate, contrast, blur, gradient, vignette and vignette lasso. Using them will make your editing process faster and easier.


6 of these brushes are the one’s I use daily and four are optimal for creating special effects (snow and fog brushes). One of the basic brushes is designed for drawing tablets / screens as it reacts to pen pressure.


You can use gradients to make your subject pop out from the background or make a sunny effect! They come in 4 different colors.


Gradient maps help you to color grade your photos.


I personally use all of these tools in my everyday workflow.


After buying a digital product, you will receive a download link via email.

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